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The Siren Board - Registration

By accessing “The Siren Board” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “The Siren Board”, “”), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not access and/or use “The Siren Board”. We may change these at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of “The Siren Board” after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

Rules and Conditions of The Siren Board Forums

Notice: All rules and terms must be agreed upon at the time of registration. By registering, you hereby agree to follow the terms we have in place. The Siren Board Staff, Administrators, and Moderators reserve the right to terminate your access to The Siren Board without notice or reason. This Includes actions on or off the board. Siren Icons, Logos, and other graphic related material are copyright of The Siren Board, unless stated otherwise. Please use WITH permission. _____________________________________________________________________________________
SECTION 1: Posting and General Conduct

One - We are a drama free zone. This is literally self-explanatory. If you think it is drama, it is drama. Do not bring it here.

Two - Grammar and Signatures. The letter R is not a substitute for the word ARE just as the letter U is not a substitute for the word YOU. Use your words and punctuation. Profanity of any kind is not allowed.

Three - Age limit. This is a big one. In order to comply with COPPA, you must be 13 years of age to maintain an active account.

Four - Be tolerant. Any disrespect towards another member based on gender, race, orientation, or religion will result in an administrative action. We no longer will tolerate ANY form of abuse. We do not allow the discussion of these topics on The Siren Board.

Five - Make sure your information is correct. If you’re not sure about the validity of the information you’re about to post, please do not hesitate to contact a well vested member. Information from Wikipedia, YouTube, and Internet Searches are not always factual or correct. Falsified information is not tolerated. Please be detailed in your post, It’s very hard to have a discussion about something when the original post is lacking information.
Six - Bumping topics. Bumping topics is okay AS LONG AS related information is related to the thread. Please be mindful when bumping a topics and make sure your information is related to the topic.

Seven - Off-Topic Forums. If you have something you would like to post not directly related to a certain topic, Please place it in its appropriate Off-Topic forum.

Eight - Respect others property. The duplication and republishing of another persons work, video, audio, photo, etc... is prohibited. This offense is against copyright laws. Taking someone else’s work and uploading it as your own is theft. Any media that is republished or stolen that isn’t owned by you will be removed, as well as, your access to the siren forums. Do not steal someone elses work.

Nine - Avoid constant slander of siren products. Users are not to repetitively bash or make derogatory statements about specific siren products or any other things. An occasional negative comment about products will be tolerated, but action will be taken against users found doing this consistently.

Ten- Keep the Board professional. Please refrain from the over use of emojis. Using several emoticons in one setting clutters the post and makes them difficult to read. Signatures: If your signature is over 4 lines deep, you will be asked and expected to edit it. Please keep the board clutter free.

SECTION 2: Private Messages. Discord. IRC.

We have a Private Message feature! A private message, or PM for short, is a message sent in private from a member to one or more other members. Private messages are generally used for personal conversations. Be advised that the rules apply in a PM. Any PM that violates the rules should be flagged or reported via the report button.

Discord! Discord access can be found at the bottom of the home page. Hit connect to start chatting with your siren friends. The discord has some separate rules that apply, however, the Moderators and Administrators have the ability to enforce the rules here within there chat Clients.

Our IRC Chat room! IRC is an internet relay chat that allows all member of ARS to have a simple chat room. To access the IRC click here! Remember that the rules apply in the IRC as well.

SECTION 3: Reports, Abuse, and Banning

If you see something that:
-Violates our terms.
-Puts people or ones self in danger.
-Puts the board at risk.

Please use the report feature. To report a post, select the gear arrow icon in the top right said of the post, then select report.

Bans will be handed on a case by case basis.

SECTION 4: For Sale and Wanted

Be professional.All For Sale and Wanted Post must be approved by an Admin or Moderator to ensure they meet the guidelines below.

Please make sure your For Sale post includes at least a price, a description of the item, and what is included in the purchase.

Similarly, your Wanted post should include exactly what you are looking for (no generic posts) and a price range.

Rules for replying to a For Sale/Wanted post.
One, if you are not a serious buyer, do not reply to the topic.
Two, if you are not a serious seller, do not post the topic.
Three, do not clutter the thread with explanations of why you can"t buy the item. If it is out of your price range, do not buy it. There is no need to make a post explaining that in the thread.
Four, questions may be posted, but only if they relate directly to the item in question. Please remember to remain on topic and use the PM feature to communicate about any private details of a sale. (money, shipping arrangements, etc.)

One - Respect the staff. We ask you simply respect the staff. The majority of the staff here carries either a full time job or other full time obligations. I know for a fact several of us monitor The Siren Board throughout the work day. A couple of the staff members have invested our own money into the forums for the benefit of our members. Please be respectful as we try our best. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact any of us.

Two - Reply to staff personal messages. If you break a rule, and a staff member PMs you, you are required to reply. We put a lot of effort into helping correct your posting habits. If we take the time to write you, we expect you to acknowledge that. Even if you simply reply "OK". When we do write you, its detailed and we always point you in the right direction. If you simply read, don"t reply, and your behavior fails to improve - we will show you the door.

Three - Report unruly staff members. If you run into a staff member that is being rude, aggressive, or disobeying the rules, we ask that you contact Matt. He can be private messaged at this link.

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