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Thunderbolt questions
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Author:  coastalsyrolover [ Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Thunderbolt questions

Hey y’all. The time is almost near for me to start working on my old girl. But I have some questions. Some of these have been asked before but I’m trying to keep it organized so I apologize.

1: what size do the bolts that connect the horn to the port need to be?

2: what size do the stop nuts that go over the top of the bolts that hold the horn onto the bracket need to be?

3: how much horsepower and rpm does a single phase motor need to be to run a 5M blower? (Again I know I’ve asked that but, organization...)

4: my horn gasket disintegrated so how do I replace that again?

5: this is a long shot but can anyone recommend a good machinist to make a new rotator size panel or does anyone have an extra one laying around? (Yes... I lost mine. No I’m not happy about it.)

6: that bumpy wire cover that contains all the regular wires and drops from the bottom of the rotator needs to be replaced. Any leads on that?

7: what schedule of pipe is standpipe and can anyone recommend a good lead?

I do not have enough umph to run a full set up so I’ll just be plugging the chopper and rotator motor into regular plugs and won’t run the rotator. Small things but can anyone recommend any good paint methods and good ways to keep the metal healthy? She’s I good condition as is but I’d still like to give her a bit of a health boost. Any help is appreciated and I apologize if I posted to the wrong forum or if it’s too repetitive.

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