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Changing sound on police siren

Fri Sep 09, 2022 4:13 am

I have this 11 ohm police siren with preprogrammed sounds, and I was wondering if it’s possible to change them out. I believe the sounds are stored in the white boxes that all the white wires go to. I attached a video with all the pictures below. https://youtu.be/m6D2JlogTuw

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Re: Changing sound on police siren

Tue Sep 20, 2022 10:06 pm

Those are mini-Molex plugs, not part of the logic. There is no way to modify sounds on a modern digital siren, but you can circuit bend older analog sirens such as the PA-300. I wrote a post 20 years ago on eLightbars on how to add phaser to that siren

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