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Castlewood new Eclipse8 (my bad)
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Author:  SDsirenman [ Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Castlewood new Eclipse8 (my bad)

Well as you may or may not know a deracio went through South Dakota a while back ago, and the city of Castlewood had their order for an new siren to be installed, well the storm hit first and a tornado went through castlewood, demolishing a few homes and damaging the school a good bit, the city is reviving itself.

The old 3T22 is now gone in its place is an brand new Eclipse8 AC/DC siren, they attempted to test it today and I couldn't go due to my car in the shop, and the tag from the sheriff's office read that the sirens will be down for maintenance, the south siren was damaged the M-10 the power supply was ripped out by the storm and they didn't know it until the test.

Next time I'm in the area I'll try to get some pics of the shiny new siren

Yesterday 6/20/2022 at 5 am there was a call for a fire structure fire a barn fire, then at 2 they were called out again to the same fire as it reflared up, they didn't test but later a tornado warning siren activation meant for Bryant sd, Comms accidently set Estelline's Tornado Sirens off and I didn't have time to get an audio recording of any of them.

Here are the pictures
Castlewood Eclipse8 Long Shot
Castlewood Eclipse8 Head Shot
Castlewood Eclipse8 Under Shot
Castlewood Eclipse8 Antenna Shot
Castlewood Eclipse8 FC/Battery Box Shot
Castlewood Transformer/Rectifier Box
Castlewood Eclipse8 Power Disconnect

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