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how I would Upgrade city of Brookings..(and aurora)

Sat Sep 10, 2022 7:19 pm

Several Years ago, the city of Brookings was on a spending spree and they decided to try to replace the SRN sirens with a new 2-way system.
American Signal, Federal Signal, and Whelen were called in a week apart from each other to demonstrate the Top rotating product and top omini product.
Well the proposals came back and the price for a 2 ways system was way out of the city's budget and they declined all three proposals and shelved the project indefinitely.

This is how I would do it
First I would remove the current sirens in the fall and begin with a tear down.
I would have the SRN heads motors inspected and rewound as necessary while I would get the DCFCTBD controllres, TR's and omni antennas.
When the heads came back I would mount the new controllers, TR's and antenna's onto 60 Foot poles and move them into new locations for better coverage.

Once all the sirens have been reinstalled I would intall the SS2000 Series C controller and commanderOne software and program each siren to do a once a month test automatically and report.

there will be a few sirens left over I would keep one for my fee, and the other one I would replace the Sentry 10V with the 2001 SRN AC/DC retrofit unit.
I think this would be cheaper then buying brand new, what you think

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