READ ME FIRST: ARS Code of Conduct (rev. 6/2019)

Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:29 pm

Statement of Conduct

Airraidsirens.net and The Siren Board are host to a community of emergency notification enthusiasts who seek to learn about, preserve, and document knowledge about this form of signaling. Many professionals in the field of emergency notification, emergency management, and law enforcement also use these forums to gain knowledge about sirens they may have in use, may be repairing, or they too are enthusiastic about.

We therefore believe that everyone who uses the The Siren Board should conduct their communication using a professional tone. We do not discriminate our user base on race, color, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age (except as required by law; all users must be 13 years of age or older), political affiliation, or national origin. The most important expectation we have, and the expectation we expect you to align your conduct to, is that your posts are of professional quality and contribute meaningful dialogue to the community.

To meet the professional metric, posts should meet four broad criteria:

1. Be largely free of grammatical and spelling errors. Writing should be detailed, descriptive, and thoughtfully constructed.

2. Be appropriate for a general audience (ex. no inappropriate humor).

3. Contribute something worthwhile, interesting, thought-provoking, or valuable. This means that anything you post that you claim is true or fact must be information you can back up with experience or research. Posts containing speculation must be openly identified as such. Topics should also be placed in the appropriate sub-forum.

4. Avoid repetition with posts that have come before. The search function is a highly useful tool. Unnecessary bumping of posts (that is, bumping of posts to add nothing as discussed under #3 above) will be considered unprofessional. Also, do not post expecting other members of the forum to do research for you.

Just remember to use common sense. If you have to question your motivations for posting, you shouldn’t post. We reserve the right to delete any post at any time without providing cause (though, as discussed in the Warning Escalation Process section, we will do our best to give you feedback as warranted).


The Siren Board is organized into several subforums, each with their own description and posting requirements. It is expected you familiarize yourself with each subforum’s description as each subforum will have standards of conduct expected of posts specific to it. Ignorance is not an excuse if you post something that violates a specific subforum’s standards without having read them first.

Warning Escalation Process

Sometimes it will be necessary to discuss a user’s posting habits with that user. The process we will follow is as such for minor to moderate infractions of the standards.

1. Formal written warning (x2): The forum’s warning feature will be utilized to give you a formal written warning of any concerns the moderation team might have. It is our experience that this warning will help you understand why a post was not up to the standards of The Siren Board and will help guide you into becoming a better poster. Think of warnings as "three strikes" and strike three is where we escalate. You will get two warnings before we escalate the situation (noting, of course, if a post is meriting of immediate banning the moderation team may exercise the right to do so).

2. One month ban #1: If the poor posting habits continue after a user has returned from their ban, another one month ban will be given.

3. One month ban #2: Upon their return, the poster will be placed on probation until the moderation team decides it's no longer necessary or the next step is enacted.

4. Permanent ban: If poor posting habits continue, a permanent ban will be implemented. There will be no warnings prior to issuing a permanent ban.

At any time the moderation team can elect to ban a user if their posting habits merit such an immediate response. This response will usually be limited to, but not inclusive of, gross misconduct, overt discrimination, libel/slander, extreme spamming, trolling, and discovery of a user being under the age of 13. Ultimately, we reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without warning or reason.

New Users and Users on Probation

New users to the forum begin their time on probation automatically. Any user on probation is required to have their posts to be approved by the moderation team. All new users will need to have two posts approved by the moderation team before they are automatically removed from probation. If a post of a new user is disapproved during their probationary period, it will fulfill the definition of "formal written warning" as defined in the Warning Escalation Process section.

Tips for Posting

Here are some experience tested tips for being a great poster:

1. If you don’t know, ask! [email protected] is available for you to email to ask any questions you have about the board, posting, concerns, etc. Please allow 48 hours for any query to be returned (though we’re usually much faster).

2. Use the “report” button as needed rather than trying to “stir the pot” on a topic that may be destabilizing. Your report will be attended to promptly (though we do not always share or are not able to share what we do with your report).

3. Do not feel like you have to achieve a high number of posts to contribute. Quality always trumps quantity. In fact, overposting many times meets the definition of “spamming” and can trigger a warning.

4. Use the search function. Just because you have an itching question doesn’t mean it hasn’t already been answered.

5. Seek out your own answers first. Do not rely on forum members to do research for you; have fun and seek out the information yourself.

User Agreement

Your registration for and continued use of this board means you have read and agree to abide by this standard of conduct. If at any point you disagree with this standard, please let a moderator know and we can work to have your account disabled.

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