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by FromOuterPluto
Sun Nov 26, 2023 2:17 am
Forum: Other Warning Systems - Indoor, Outdoor and Vehicular
Topic: Federal Model 28 Possibly Warped?
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Federal Model 28 Possibly Warped?

I picked up a Federal mod. 28 on marketplace yesterday, motor works good but was very stiff. Disassembled the entire thing completely, cleaned and re-packed bearings, freed a seized brush, etc. Got it all back together today and the impeller- when tightened down- has a slight wobble to it that cause...
by FromOuterPluto
Fri Oct 22, 2021 3:25 am
Forum: Main Outdoor Warning Sirens Board
Topic: Sterling M5 Restoration Advice
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Sterling M5 Restoration Advice

Hello, I want to start by saying I'm new to the hobby, found this forum trying to track down info on a Sterling M5 I recently won from an auction. I've never attempted anything like this before but am extremely excited to at least try. I've done some digging through here on certain parts I've been w...

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