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Savanna Army Depot Siren System

Tue Feb 27, 2024 6:10 pm

Hello all, I have recently started looking into more army base-type siren locations. I am currently working on the Savanna Amry Depot located in well Savanna Illinois. Currently, there are only two sirens that have already been found. The first siren is a Darley model 5 (inactive) and the second is a Fedelcode type 5 (active). I was able to find two more sirens (not sure about one of them), one of the sirens being another Darley model 5 (inactive). The second one I am still not quite sure. Looks to possibly fit the Sterling category. The whole area of the depot is very large with limited access to street views. I will post any updates. Coordinates to sirens down below.

42°11'42.4"N 90°16'46.5"W - Mystery Siren

42°11'29.3"N 90°17'16.0"W - Darley model 5

42°10'59.1"N 90°16'00.7"W - Darley model 5

42°11'01.5"N 90°14'52.4"W - Fedelcode type 5
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